Café Culture in New Zealand – Wellington


Ratnavyuha and I went to Olive café on Cuba Street, Wellington. Posh. Antiques. High ceilings. Classy. Ratnavyuha got into conversation with a lady, who, it turns out, knows the people at Wellington Buddhist Centre, including Suryagita, who teaches singing, and who I know from her days in Brighton, singing. The peach tart was fantastic, and the coffee very classy. Outside, the rain came and went. Midwinter rain in a rainy place. We had been to Te Papa (‘Our Place’) museum, and I’d learned about the changes wrought to New Zealand’s ecology by both Maori and European settlers. A European blackbird is sitting outside the window where I write. But there are tuis singing sometimes too. Now off to lead a retreat – on how everything arises on conditions.

3 thoughts on “Café Culture in New Zealand – Wellington

  1. If you go to artybees second hand bookshop bottom Cuba st it is owned by my sister founded by my dad. A Wellington iconic business

    • Hello Vidyamala. We had a good look around Artybees bookshop just after the coffee. I loved the shelves of NZ literature, and there is a good philosophy section too. I might go in again tomorrow and see if I can spot your sister.

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