Hot chocolate in Parnell


It is not clear if my brother’s gift extends to hot chocolate purchases, but I took a chance. Sujiva, Megan and I took the ferry across Auckland harbour (the north one) to Rangitoto island. This landmass was formed only 600 years ago during a volcanic eruption. Much of the surface consists of loose scoria, which is a kind of light loose rock that falls out of the sky. We walked through a lava tunnel – a tunnel in the rock made by still-flowing lava. But life has moved in. The island is quickly turning into forest. Once the pohutakawa trees get their roots in the scoria, little protected ecosystems spring up beneath their leaves – ferns and shrubs then other trees. At the summit, little silvereyes, small birds, ate lunch out of our hands. After the ferry-ride home, Sujiva insisted on hot chocolate at The Chocolate Boutique in the suburb of Parnell. It is extremely dark, thick and sweet. Like certain kinds of love.

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